Introducing Horse Chat!

Meet Kamunyak, Heart Taker and Wanda

Horse Show Season is also in full swing at Seven Wonders Stables where Lindsey juggles teaching full time, Deurloo Inc., Knotty Daughters, her little man Sam, a wonderful husband and the beautiful ladies in this picture – Kamunyak, Heart Taker and Wanda.

Horse Chat was designed to showcase the beautiful and enviably simple life of a horse…not Mr. Ed style, though there is an Edward residing in Barn 2.  But, rather through the eyes of Sam he likes to help his dad “work horses” by feeding, riding and driving them in carts.

The last thing the Knotty Daughters wants to point out is how tame the horses’ hair is – even in 100% Iowa humidly, it still looks good.  It’s like their hair is in Colorado and they are some how teleported back to Iowa just to piss off the rest of us.  No overpriced, but too good not to do, Brazilian Keratin treatment needed for these ladies.  Disgusting.

Enjoy Horse Chat!!!

Be sure to check out Farm Gossip here on the blog and our products at!

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Show Season is Here!

Knotty Daughters officially kicked off the spring “show” season on 30 April at Grounded Coffee Shop in Alexandria, VA and has been on the road every weekend since!  – kind of like a rock and roll band on tour.  Almost…  On 7 May we were at the Rockbrook Village in Omaha, NE and yesterday we were at both the Ballston Arts and Crafts Festival in Ballston, VA and Iowa City Farmers Market in Iowa City, IA.

At all of these shows there were LOTS of magnets, fashion aprons and bras!!!  We don’t sell bras, but here were a lot of women at every show…men, if you are single we highly recommend you come to a Knotty Daughters event.  Our booth attracts the most beautiful women 🙂 Ladies, set up your guy friends.  Our next show is today at Camp Courageous in Monticello, Iowa look for tweets and pictures of Facebook.

If you can’t make this show (or it is more than 1,000 miles from where you live…) see the rest of our show schedule for this year, please visit our website and go to our News and Events section!

Grounded Coffee Shop - Alexandria, VA

Rockbrook Village - Omaha, NE

Iowa City Market - Iowa City, Iowa

Ballston Art and Craft Fair - Ballston, VA

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Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

Mother’s Day at Hallmark, a true picture of capitalism at its finest…  I walk in the store to buy a card and walk out feeling like a bad daughter for not buying the latest version of the Crown Award (I am not even sure what that is…) decorated martini glass that says “World’s #1 Mom” – oh the disgrace my measly card will bring.  Whatever.  From all three of the Knotty Daughters, we love you Mom!  Since you already have a Knotty Daughters fashion apron and the new refrigerator magnets, your mothers day gift is…a surprise.  If we write it here, everyone will know!

Here are some critters who don’t do cards, chocolate or flowers for Mother’s Day…but they are so cute, they really don’t have to!

Bella and her baby, Cullen, at 7 Wonders Stables (

Dora with her baby calf, Dexter, at the Knotty Daughters farm In Iowa. Dexter took time to “smile” for the camera while eating…in hindsight he probably shouldn’t have as he looks as angry as I did at Hallmark…

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The Business of Knotty Daughters

“Why join the navy when you can be a pirate” –Steve Jobs

We started a business, now what do we do!?!?! Both Lindsey and Beth currently run businesses on top of Knotty Daughters and their full time jobs. As we mentioned last week, Lindsey runs Seven Wonders Stables ( and Beth runs a real estate company, Pring, in Virginia. Both of which have absolutely nothing to do with Knotty Daughters…so it makes sense that they should start a retail company, what could go wrong…  For inspiration, let’s quote The Donald (who may be a little off his rocker these days)… “You can’t know it all. No matter how smart you are, no matter how comprehensive your education, no matter how wide ranging your experience, there is simply no way to acquire all the wisdom you need to make your business thrive.” Good thing we don’t know everything…eh?

Knotty Daughters in killer heels

So what is our business? The aprons and magnets are the obvious tangible part. But the brand of Knotty Daughters is still growing; you are a part of it by reading this blog! You are who we want to affect and inspire with our journey and story! If you have ever dreamed of starting a business, being financially free to attack everyday on your own terms and staying up until 2am working on QuickBooks (maybe not so much the last one…) – keep an eye on Knotty Daughters, they are doing just that. Will we succeed? Well, Beth did once sit at the dinner table for five hours refusing to eat macaroni and cheese. She, Lindsey and Sarah have a bit of spite in them 🙂

See more of the Knotty Daughters at!

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Happy Easter from the Farm!

Happy Easter from the Knotty Daughters and calf #75!  Part of what makes Knotty Daughters different than other companies is where we came from and where we still reside.  The picture below was taken by Sarah, who is currently serving as an adoptive mother to six orphan calves.  It is hard not to smile when you see these cute, wet nosed, creatures with nothing but energy and love.

Because the farm lifestyle was such a large part of our pre-college years and still is for Sarah on the family farm and for Lindsey at Seven Wonders Stables (, we want to bring you into what it was like growing up and living on a family farm.  Regularly we will update the “Farm Gossip” section of this blog with pictures of the cutest animals on this earth and glimpses of what farm life is like.  Less than 2% of the United States’ population farms, without knowing how lucky we were, we grew up in this small percentage of farm families.  We want to tell you our story – it will make you smile!

In Easter Day spirit, below is a picture of Lindsey’s “Dennis the Menace” – Sam.  He is holding a baby chicken, that is so young it doesn’t have feathers yet, just furr – very cute.  Meet Sam too, he has been missing his two front teeth for a couple years now due to a run in (literally) with the windowsill.  He lost

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No Magic Wand!

One of the big questions we all had going into this endeavor was, “How do we transition from producing aprons as a hobby to producing them as a business?”  We did not have the right answer…in fact, it was a complete disaster – ref the picture below!  The picture was taken in the thick of “production season” last fall/winter.   It was our first step in our business transition and Henry Ford would have been applauded by our production line!

We found that two of the trickiest and most time demanding tasks were buttons and…buttons!  For those of you who own a Knotty Daughters apron, you know there are seven buttons on the adult apron.  These buttons are very cute, but were very rough on our fingertips!  Beyond the buttons…well, we haven’t quite made it past the buttons, we all still have piles to sew on otherwise completely finished aprons (any volunteers?!?!?!?!?)

We did solicit our husbands to help with the aprons, which they were all very excited to do – seriously, what husband doesn’t want to help make aprons during football season?  They were very helpful with buttons, topstitching (which, we were informed is just a fancy way to say sewing) and checking how many hits we were getting on our first youtube video (How to tie a Knotty Daughters Apron –  The last one really wasn’t helping with the production…but wasn’t not helping either, so we took it.

The bottom line here is we are still trying to figure out our production process, but know that every single apron we sell likely has a story behind it.  In fact we probably dreamt about it, cursed at it and admired it when complete.  We will keep you updated on our production journey…as it remains just that, a journey!

Now for the answer to the blog question from last week – what was the original name for the company?  Knotty Sisters.  Doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as Knotty Daughters, now does it?  Well, lucky for us some clever sisters had already registered the name Knotty Sisters in Iowa and we had to go back to the drawing board.  In the end, Lindsey was craftier and with a slight modification to the name created the foundation for the Knotty Daughters brand.  The Go On…Be Knotty tagline came later, somewhere between aprons 100 and 200 🙂

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How the Magic Started


So…how did Knotty Daughters become a business?  To point out the obvious, the whole idea started with an apron.  Lindsey, being the crafty designer she is, made the first set of aprons for Christmas gifts in 2009 (ref the cute card to the right that she included to show her friends how to tie them…oh, how far our branding has come already!).  All her friends loved the aprons…and not just because they were free.

Fast-forward three months when Beth came to visit Lindsey in Sioux City, IA.  To be clear, Beth doesn’t really cook, have any desire to and honestly, doesn’t really care for taste in her food – extreme, yes.  But(!), when Beth saw Lindsey wearing the apron she thought it was cute and though, cooking isn’t high on her list, business and gifts both were.  That afternoon Lindsey and Beth sat down played with some numbers, went on a 2-hour shopping trip to Micheals and Gordmans (just another wild afternoon in Iowa!) and talked about the idea of creating a company.

The idea stuck and a short time later Sarah joined the fledging company.  They began to read books (The Mommy Millionaire, Gorilla Marketing, Peanut Butter and Jelly Management), called Donald Trump for advise…he didn’t answer…and tried to find the perfect towels to make the aprons.

Prior to this point, Lindsey, Beth and Sarah had never talked about going into business together, but the idea seemed right.  Looking back, none of them knew what they were getting into in the summer of 2010.  Today, almost a year later, the Knotty Daughters are wiser, grayer (what!) and more determined than ever to make this work.  Please check out the newsletter that they published for the first time yesterday – it is Knotty!

Question for this week – Knotty Daughters was not the first choice in name for the company.  Any ideas what they wanted to call it?


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